Really Buggin’ Me


So Monday I’m ready to tackle a bunch of projects around the house while my housekeeper is here. We’re finishing up the painting of the kitchen in periwinkle and yellow, so French. And Swedish for that matter. But I notice a wormy thing on the wall. Ugghhhh! Turns out I’d been invaded by those little Apple Moths. They were swarming inside the pantry. I’d seen a few here and there and swatted them, and threw out a few things in one cupboard where they seemed to be the previous week. But that was just the beginning. Three hours, six trash bags of food in bags and boxes, and half a bottle of 409 later, we’d gotten all we could get. The pantry was now half empty and we were trying hard not to smear the dead pests all over the new paint. When it comes to pesky bugs, my compassion is sadly lacking. The heat had just helped breed dozens of the damn things. That night I got up at 2 am cuz I was sure there were more. Sure enough, at least a dozen to whack. By 6 am, another dozen. At noon, a half dozen. And on it has gone. Today I’ve slammed and spattered another half dozen. They’re relentless!!! I looked them up but couldn’t find a thing about how to treat an infestation — especially in a food area. New Zealand proudly boasts it has eradicated the beasts from its soil. I see where they have gone…Think they’d send an exterminator?

P.S. Just found out from Lizzie they’re corn moths, not apple moths. the rest of her installment shortly!


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