I’m Just Wild About Harry


There’s just one problem with laughing your ass off to Harry Shearer’s weekly radio show, Le Show. Your faith in mankind just evaporates — for a while anyway. Are people really as idiotic as they seem? Can the war be really costing us half a TRILLION DOLLARS!!!!????? Can KFC be so stupid as to use a respected 17th century Tao icon of the Chinese to supposedly endorse their damn chicken! What that Tao icon was, gee, a VEGETARIAN????!!! I’ve been in marketing for years and I am just appalled at the idiotic things “Marketing Experts” attempt — and consumers fall for.  Like Coca Cola’s Dasani water — TAP WATER. JUST FILTERED TAP WATER. England was smart enough to tell Coke to take a hike, but not the US. Let’s wake up shall we? We don’t really believe that most business is really looking out for us, so why do we get suckered into their crap? Splenda is another one. “Made from sugar so it tastes like sugar.” It’s NOT. It’s one molecule of sugar and THREE MOLECULES OF CHLORINE. It’s a CHEMICAL. IT IS NOT FOOD. Use stevia or zylitol instead — you can get those at Whole Foods, but not Splenda, because it does not meet their criteria for being natural. I used it for a long time before getting the real scoop on it — and its effect on the body. Check out www.thetruthaboutsplenda.com.

Another subject…hot under everything

The heat. Oy. At about 3 p.m. my car thermometer said it was 113 degrees. We lost power for about 12 hours yesterday. We were able to hook up a generator to get one window air conditioner, a fan and a light to work, but it meant we had to sit in one room with the door closed. We finally gave up and headed out to our dinner location early to sit in an air conditioned bar. That worked fine but midway through dinner at Buca’s, their exhaust fan broke and all the kitchen heat went straight into our dining area and booted the temp up to over 90. The ice cream was half melted when it was served. Just pathetic. So back home we came and the power was still out. Edison, after a half hour wait on the phone, said engineers had been in the area since 1:28 p.m. (it was now 10:30 pm), 1000 people were without power and they had no ETA when it would be restored. We kept trying to listen to local radio to hear what was happening, but they were apparently completely unaware of the lack of power and KFWB in particular seemed focused on all the other news around the world instead of what was happening right here. Do we need a better local communication system in times of storm, stress, etc.?

We’re turned our hot tub into a cool dip and thank fully the clouds are here today to cool things down. Global warming or not, this is a horrible summer and I wish you all the ability to stay cool.


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With a name like writerphotodeb it's pretty obvious what I do. I've written more than 2,000 articles for magazines, newspapers, trade journals and websites. But I've developed my artistic interests and am having a great time participating in gallery shows, creating personalized fine art and photographing clients. Please visit www.tellingimages.com or www.debbiswansonpatrick.com and drop me a line.

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