The first edition of the Buzzword Dictionary is now out. The reason to buy it is, of course, because I’m in it! As is my pal Paula Johnson. Read the laugh a minute insightful parodies of our everyday language anywhere you need a good chuckle.  You can order it directly for $12.95 from Amazon via the Buzzwhack link at

John Walston has collected gems like keypal, flashturbation, maudience, sheeple, and my entry…email ellipsia. You’ve seen it. You’re guilty of it. You’d rather stick in a bunch of dots instead of think about real punctuation. Slacker!

Order your copy today, and you’ll be smartassier tomorrow!


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With a name like writerphotodeb it's pretty obvious what I do. I've written more than 2,000 articles for magazines, newspapers, trade journals and websites. But I've developed my artistic interests and am having a great time participating in gallery shows, creating personalized fine art and photographing clients. Please visit or and drop me a line.

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