So, it’s quite a landmark when you go to the opening of a show to see not a friend on opening night, but your friend’s son. And today was the day I saw my pal Don Raymond’s son Chris on stage at the Taper playing lead guitar in the fabulous coming-of-age musical 13. What a show. Chris is in the 5-member band that plays above the action on the Taper stage and Chris own’s his moment int he spotlight. The show is destined for New York and will be a hit there I’m sure. The central character is Evan, a 12-year-old boy from New York, transplanted via divorce to Appleton, Indiana and is he desperate to make some friends as his Bar Mitzvah is fast approaching. How to celebrate being a Jew in the middle of midwest Bible Belters? Hence Evan’s dilemma, along with figuring out who are friends and who aren’t. High energy, fast paced, witty and charming is this show by Jason Robert Brown. Sure, a predictable story line, but funny and infectious anyway. At the after-party the kids had a blast dancing away the evening. How they had the energy after all the dancing on stage I don’t know, but they were howlin. Can’t believe I forgot my camera! But here is a press shot.

The 13 Band


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  1. Cool! Glad you saw it and posted a review. When I heard about it, I thought, Hm! Interesting! So I’m glad for the review.

    BTW, I did ping you for the “5 things you don’t know about me” meme that’s been going round and round the blogosphere. 🙂

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