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My Pal Diane Lefer’s book is out!


Diane Lefer’s award-winning collection of short stories and novellas, California Transit, is on Amazon now! Her official pub date is April 1 (my wedding anniversary!) and she’ll be about town signing copies in May and June. Diane’s a bit of a rebel. She showed up at my friend’s Superbowl party wearing an orange POW jumpsuit and hood over her head. We dutifully acknowledged her passionate creativity, and went back to our beer and chips. But don’t miss her book. She’s a phenom. 

Monday, May 14th at 7:00 PM at Vroman’s, 695 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena.
Monday, June 4th at 7:00 PM at Dutton’s Brentwood, 11975 San Vicente Blvd., Brentwood.
Carole Maso called the book “filled with wish and dread, at once desperate, hilarious, bewildering, hope-filled….a rigorous and passionate inquiry of the highest order.”And from Oscar Hijuelos–bless his heart!–”Diane Lefer is one of the most gifted and witty writers around….In other words, grab this book.”

From the jacket:
In California Transit, Lefer uses conversational prose and macabre wit to zero-in on a Mexican woman detained indefinitely by immigration officials, isolating her from her American family; or a zoo employee considering what to do with a euthanized antelope’s head; or, in the title novella, a lonely woman, riding buses all day, who cannot avert the violence building within her. This collection explores the difference between justice and law through a lens unfiltered by moralistic or didactic intention. Like a surveillance camera meant to record crime, not to stop it, Lefer presents a world gone wrong, not because of people’s hatred for one another but because of their impossible, unfulfilled yearning to connect.


National Get Over It Day


Hmm, what do I have to get over? Where to start. Today I have to get over this foot surgery. It’s preventing me taking ballroom dancing lessons.

Then there are all those pesky life issues to get over. Big ones, little ones, medium ones. Money, abandonment, fear, loss. The ones that just keep coming back to remind you they need to be dealt with.
Then I have my friends who are getting over cancer, loss of a loved one, grievances, hurts.

So how do you “get over it?” For me it’s been therapy, love, chiropractic and yoga. With physical pain, it’s better to get into the pain, into where it hurts to help the muscles relax. And the more you face your emotional pain, really face it and ask it the tough questions, you start to see through it and it begins to evaporate, gradually, or even immediately losing its influence on you. Find a way to laugh at the beasts in your basket. And breathe. Let go and all will be well.