Missing in Action


Sorry for the lapse in communication. but that’s what happens when life happens. It’s been a crazy couple of months. Let’s recap. March 6 — foot surgery, then recovery. The day I was headed to surgery, I got the call for a second job interview that would lead to yes, a job! It was time. My independent career wasn’t going the way I wanted and I was anxious to learn something new and get back into a groove. And just as that happened, my pal Susan told me she had cancer and needed to replace herself at her job. That is how I got my last job, at City of Hope, when my friend Jill had to leave for health reasons. I stepped in and was there for 14 years. But this time, the dice didn’t roll that way. I chose to go to Caltech, which I think is working out for everyone. But it was a nutty couple of weeks trying to decide. Tore myself up over the choice but finally let my gut take over.

Then, with my foot in recovery, I packed on what feels like 50 pounds and now have to work that off. That didn’t stop me from buying new clothes, however. I’m still not walking pain free, so my goal is to start an easy walking routine June 1. Now I’m getting used to the 600 steps to and from my office and the walks to lunch and around the campus, as well as the office routine. Oh, The Office. Oh, Dilbert. How I’ve missed you!

Still teaching yoga on Saturdays, now at Susan’s as she goes thru the hell that is cancer treatment — at City of Hope, where I worked for 14 years! She’s going thru an 18 week cycle of hyperchemotherapy that’s already taking its toll. Yoga is a blessing at such times. Time to relax, to shut out the world, to be with yourself, and find the time and quiet to heal. I hope I can help with that. Yoga on the lawn, among the roses, the lavendar, avocado trees, and Betty the dog jumping with joy at our presence in her yard. As Martha says, It’s a good thing.

With all of this I’ve lost touch with my blog, my friend’s blogs and writer’s group updates. But I have book a playwriting seminar for May 21 at the Culver City Veterans Auditorium. Be there at 7:30 for a great night of enlightenment on writing for the theatre with Hoyt Hilsman, Diane Lefer, Katherine Griffin and a couple other surprises. Visit www.iwosc.org for more.

The shock of starting a new job was multiplied when the day I set foot into my new office at one of the premier colleges in the country, a madman killed 32 people in another college — Virginia Tech. It was a horrible day as the news finally broke, yet it was eerily quiet in our building. No one mentioned a thing. No bulletins were sent via e-mail. But go into the dining halls and faces were staring at the TVs, watching CNN news, stunned. Later that week, the Caltech canon was painted by students maroon and orange, and Friday was a collective day of remembrance, with maroon and orange ribbons distributed by the bookstore. It was fitting that the sky opened up and rained tears for us all.


About writerphotodeb

With a name like writerphotodeb it's pretty obvious what I do. I've written more than 2,000 articles for magazines, newspapers, trade journals and websites. But I've developed my artistic interests and am having a great time participating in gallery shows, creating personalized fine art and photographing clients. Please visit www.tellingimages.com or www.debbiswansonpatrick.com and drop me a line.

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