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If your sex life is getting a bit dull, let Tess Tessina, aka Dr. Romance, and therapist Stella Resnick give you some tips. Is it getting hot in here????


First Fashion Swap for Charity – What a Night!


blue-crinoline-small.jpg The First Fashion Swap last night was such a success we’re planning another! Thanks to all who came and offered up their fine furnishings to share, everyone brought a lot and left with a few special items, with the rest going to charity.

Susan, Rebecca and her/our new friend Julie made the big scores of the night and looked particularly fetching in their “new” outfits — especially the blue crinoline skirt that my cat Cheri liked chewing. Crazy cat.

After hours of Chinese food, dolmas, wine and other libations, we packed up Lizzie’s car and she carted everything off to the Really Free Market in Pasadena this morning. I could tell she’d been there because when we showed up there at about noon I found only a stray shoe and a couple of my own items still left. I couldn’t stand seeing them lay on the parking lot, so I picked up my trusty flannel deer shirt and back home it came.

I think the Really Free Market is a great idea (see below), but it was pretty sad in its execution. I’m sure people were happy getting free stuff and happy to have a place to bring their old stuff, but it was a pretty depressing set up. The description sounded more like a carnival, but the result was a parking lot of stuff on blankets. 

Next Event: January 2008. We’ll open this up to housewares, creative tools, and just about anything else you no longer want to hold on to. You’ll be able to purge the old after you’ve gotten your new holiday goodies.  We may need a bigger venue! All ideas welcome! And guess what? I just found one more bag of clothes and another full of shoes in the garage that I completely forgot about! Let’s think about where we’d like all these things to go — can we support women in shelters? Women who need clothes to return to work (Dress for Success)? Can we donate to theatres or arts organizations? It’s a joy to trade a few items with each other and then support those in need. God knows with all the stuff we showed up with last night, we’ve got plenty to share!

Thanks everybody!!!! Here are a few pix!

The Really Really Free Market!Pasadena’s first Really Really Free Market (RRFM) will take place this Saturday, June 30, 9 am to 1 p.m. in the parking lot of Bresee Nazarene Church at 1480 E. Washington Blvd in Pasadena.  The RRFM is like a rummage sale, except that everything is free. There is no bartering, trading, buying or selling, and no corporate sponsorship. All items at the RRFM are offered freely. The RRFM is also a grass roots festival. It is the spontaneous creation of those who show up.How to participate in the RRFM:
1. Show up. If you find something you need or want, take it.
2. If you have something you don’t need or want, bring it. There will be plenty of space for you to set out your items.
3. If you have a talent or skill you are passionate about, bring it. There will be a guitar circle at the first RRFM and likely at all or most subsequent RRFMs. If you cut hair and would like to offer this service free of charge, bring your tools. If you love to play chess, bring your board—we can provide the table. If you want to do an interpretive dance, bring your leotard.
4. Leave business cards at home. This event will be completely non-commercial, a drastic change from life as usual, which is increasingly dominated by corporate ads.
5. Tell your friends, especially if they are in need. All are welcome. Nothing will be reserved for those with “discretionary income.”
And remember, the RRFM will be what we make of it together. If you have an idea, bring it or contact the temporary project “leader” John L. at <> .
This will be the first of (hopefully) many RRFMs to be held this summer and fall, at both this location and at other locations.To read about other RRFMs taking place in San Francisco, NYC and Carborro, NC, see the following websites: <> <>Because there’s enough for everyone
Because sharing is more fulfilling than owning
Because corporations would rather have the landfills overflow
than have anyone get anything for free
Because scarcity is a myth constructed to keep us at the mercy of the
Because a sunny day outside is better than anything money could buy
Because “free trade” is a contradiction in terms
Because no one should have to do without food, shelter, entertainment
or community
Because life should be a picnic, but it only will be if we make it