Monthly Archives: August 2007

Cats love water — bottle boxes


Couldn’t resist this shot of my crazy cat Cheri. She obsesses over boxes and plastic. And the combination of them is more than she can resist. If it’s 100 degrees out, she’ll want to curl up on plastic to be even warmer. She’s so crazy about being warm, she’s set her fur on fire several times by sitting too close to candles. She did it at our last Christmas party and people were just stunned. “Your cat’s on fire! You’re cat’s on fire!” She even scorched her fur on a stove before I adopted her. Never seen another critter like her. cheri-cats-do-like-water.jpg


The Stemware Gang


use-on-blog.gifLast night was the birthday of the lovely, gracious, exotic, talented and wonderful pal Susan Carrier. Hosted by Barb Robison, Jane Rollins, Paula Johnson with help from Karen Klein and more, the party was a beautiful “toast” to Susan. As she’s going thru cancer treatment and is facing a “stemcell” procedure — a bone marrow transplant — the theme of the party became “stemware,” since we all like to drink. Martini, wine, dessert, and even a perfume bottle with a lovely “stem,” as well as floral stems, were presented with pride. What a way to face cancer with style! Now Susan has to loan me the martini glasses for my holiday 007 soiree!