The Morning After


My husband drove me to the doctor yesterday. Our arrival time was 8:15 and we got there at 8, with the nurse as she opened the door and turned on the lights. Things were very quiet — until Linette shot into the room! What a foce of nature. She was my nurse for the day and I’ve never had a better experience. What a light of assurance and kindness.


She got me into the changing room, gave me a choice of lovely (not) gowns and then proceeded to take all my vitals with humor. There was a mysterious blue box on the tray that said “spacemaker.” Turned out to hold the purple Sharpie pen the doc would you to make me up like a side of beef. I guess “Spacemaker” is one way to look at the process of removing excess breast!

Dr. Orloff’s process was thourough and precise, even to the point of using the kind of level you’d use to level your house, to make sure my nipples would be even. That was not a piece of equipment I expected to find in a plastic surgeon’s office! But being married to an engineer, I found it oddly reassuring. So once I was marked up in purple that that dorky cartoon character, it was off to the anesthetic. All of a sudden as things were being stuck into me, everyone was very chatty, asking me all kinds of things to distract me. It worked. I woke up in a recovery chair at 12:45. I couldn’t say It was awake, i dozed for another hour before Steve arrived to take me home and barely remember getting wheeled to the Subaru. Steve drove very carefully, restraining his usual desire to race like he was driving his Porsche.

My darling pal Lizzie was at the house waiting to “serve me like a Princess.” Being English she is the perfect lady in waiting. The phones were jumping off the hook all day with people checking in. how nice is that?

Having not had anything to eat or drink since the night before, I was incredibly thirsty and a bit hungry. My throat was sore from the various tubes inserted during surgery, so I wanted Iced tea, some hot tea, apples, cheese, a little ramen, 7-up over the course of 5-6 hours. Trouble was, my stomach didn’t want anything in it. So two rounds of heaving later I went to sleep for the night. not sure if any of my antibiotic stayed in. I took a Lunesta and slept like a rock. By 11pm when I got up for the restroom, the foggy/groggy was gone and I felt more like myself. At 2 am I took a couple of Aleve. I had been off of them for two weeks prior to surgery because of their ability to thin blood. I substituted darvocet, but didn’t want to take too much so I’d been pretty achy. I’m glad I can take it again.


Ok, pain levels. Yesterday was nearly unbearable at times, like knives were still in me. Today it’s more like major discomfort around where I think my nipples are now, but I’m not sure. I can walk around a bit as instructed, just no lifting, bending over, or walking the dog. At least I can use the laptop.  More to come after today’s visit to remove the dressings and fit me into a surgical bra. I can tell I’m still groggy by how many corrections i have to make when typing.


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