Today I woke up feeling great. Healing is progressing. After a few false starts, sent my husband off on his Monterey/Carmel trip. He was as excited as a little kid. Then it was time for me to do some errands. Instead, I fell out of my house. I mean it. I opened the door, carefully taking just one thing to my car so I wouldn’t be overloaded, and bam! ankle twisted off the edge of the welcome (fuck you) mat and I went down on all fours on the asphalt (is that ass fault?). Skinned my knees, wrenched everything, ankle hurts, but stitches are still in place so all is ok. Took a Darvocet, packed on the ice, took a nap, and I’m going for a mani/pedi at 3. When life kicks you, you just gotta breathe deep and kick back.  Thanks to my pal Gail for writing to me today or I never would have written this.


About writerphotodeb

With a name like writerphotodeb it's pretty obvious what I do. I've written more than 2,000 articles for magazines, newspapers, trade journals and websites. But I've developed my artistic interests and am having a great time participating in gallery shows, creating personalized fine art and photographing clients. Please visit or and drop me a line.

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