Monthly Archives: March 2018

“Back” to it


Hello all! Had a couple more back operations in January to fix a couple of loose screws…yes, I had some screws loose! The first try ended up with two hematomas and a broken new screw so a second surgery was necessary to get things right.

So I’m healing up, getting as busy as I can tolerate and happy to do so. Got some projects in the works–the June Open Studios here in Altadena, photos for a new client with my partner in DebSquaredPhoto, and physical therapy starts next week. Got a bunch of small travels coming up over the next few months, too. But there won’t be any horseback riding, rodeo riding, or even dancing for a while.

I’m about to set up a website for DebSquaredPhoto so please look for it very soon. For now you can check out  And my photo sites are and  Ciao for now!